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Discover Mandarin is a leading language instruction service that offers one-on-one Chinese classes online with teachers live from Beijing.

Students connect with their Mandarin teacher via Skype from the comfort of their own home when it fits their busy schedule. Our Mandarin language classes incorporate engaging, real-world materials that make Mandarin fun – and get our students speaking Chinese after just one FREE Mandarin language class!

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Why Learn Chinese Online With Discover Mandarin?

  • “Photo as students learn Chinese online”Our teachers: We have handpicked Beijing's best language instructors who specialize in teaching one-on-one Chinese. They are the same ones from whom we took Mandarin language classes and learned to speak Chinese fluently. It worked for us, and it will work for you!
  • Our methods: No more boring textbooks - you decide the lesson topics according to your interests. You will see real improvement in your Chinese within just a few, fun classes. Even better, each student gets his/her first Mandarin language class FREE!
  • Our experience: Our founders used the Discover Mandarin teaching methodology to become fluent in Chinese through regular one-on-one Chinese lessons - and you can too! Sign up to learn Chinese online and start speaking Mandarin TODAY!
  • Our service: We are a registered business in the United States, and are easily accessible via email or phone. Learn Chinese online from the comfort of home

What Makes Discover Mandarin Different?

Since February 2010, Discover Mandarin has helped hundreds of students learn Chinese online with personalized one-on-one Chinese classes.

  • “Photo of how to learn Mandarin online”Unlike our competitors, all our Mandarin language classes are taught by full-time, experienced language professionals. You can learn Chinese online from the same teachers who have taught everyone from Fortune 500 executives, journalists, and doctors to high schoolers, graduate students, and business professionals.
  • Our one-on-one Chinese classes are personalized for each individual student depending on that person's Chinese level and personal interests. You're unique - shouldn't your Mandarin language classes also be?
  • After every one-on-one Chinese class with Discover Mandarin, your teacher will send you a MP3 recording of all your new vocabulary so you can easily practice tones and pronunciation on your own.
  • Deciding to learn Chinese online means you get maximum flexibility in terms of scheduling your sessions. You can have class anytime, anywhere - whatever works with your schedule!
  • The curriculum for each student's Mandarin language class is unique. Teachers incorporate PowerPoint slides, blog articles, and TV shows into their classes to keep students interested and engaged - ensuring you learn Chinese like the Chinese really speak it!
  • When you learn Chinese online from Discover Mandarin, there's no time wasted getting to and from class.
  • Our Mandarin language classes are fun! Ask anyone who’s tried it, or read client testimonials here.


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